The talk in Europe last week was Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. They were shocked, with her power, money and credentials, that she announced at such an early date that she is a presidential contender in the 2008 Democratic nomination.

After seeing Obama polls she decided she had better do something about all the hype the media has bestowed upon the Illinois senator. Even though Hillary has a lot to offer, Obama’s popularity has shocked her into an early announcement. However, I see him as a contender going nowhere real fast.

What people are not focusing on is Al GoreAlbert (Al) Arnold GoreKey McConnell ally: Biden should get access to transition resources CNN acquires Joe Biden documentary 'President in Waiting' Former GSA chief: 'Clear' that Biden should be recognized as president-elect MORE. He is just sitting back looking at the mice run all over the place before he puts in his bid  as a presidential contender for the 2008 Democratic nomination. He did not push the global-warming issue for nothing. There is bad blood between Hillary and Gore along with the fact that he has some unfinished business from the 2000 election. He is the dark horse that is about to rise. Do not count him out of the race!