Hillary Clinton has plummeted in the new Rasmussen Poll due out today. She is now down to 22% with Obama at 21% and Edwards up to 15%. Her campaign staff has been flatfooted and her reaction to the Edwards' offensive over the war has been slow. When she should have been in the US protesting Bush's speech, she was in Iraq posing for photo ops.

Edwards is winning the race to the left, the key place to be in the Democratic Primary.

Hillary's assertion that she would vote for the troop cap only begs the question of what she would do if Bush, as Commander in Chief, sends in the troops anyway. Would she then vote to cut off funds to make him respect the Congressional intrusion into the powers of the president? She says not and probably would not do so.

So Hillary will be reduced to what are essentially symbolic actions against the war while Edwards, who is comfortably out of the Senate, can go as far to the left as he needs to go in order to win the primaries. (The latest Fox News poll showed Democrats back a total cutoff of war funding by 59-33).

So the role of Ned Lamont in the upcoming primary will be played by Edwards while the role of Lieberman will be shared by Hillary and, depending on how he votes, Obama. And we all know how that primary turned out!