Patience, House Republicans, patience. The chance will come to cry foul, but for now, stop embarrassing yourselves. Sure, Democrats led by incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) spent years howling about your secret conference committees, and the way you ran the floor — leaving votes open when your whip counts had failed, and closing bills off to Democratic amendments — but Pelosi’s got the gavel now. Oh it is hypocritical to champion minority rights and then commence the legislative process without the minority but how can you guys complain with a straight face?

Just bide your time at the start, it will lend you credibility later. And after the last few congresses, you will need it. Do you really have to amend the minimum wage legislation? Aren’t you on record on stem cell research? Actually want to oppose earmark reform or defend the lobbyist/legislator relationship in this climate? And when the clock stops on the Hundred Hours Agenda, who thinks it is passing out of the Senate where Democrats will have a 50-49 margin while Sen. Tim JohnsonTimothy (Tim) Peter JohnsonSeveral hurt when truck runs into minimum wage protesters in Michigan Senate GOP rejects Trump’s call to go big on gun legislation Court ruling could be game changer for Dems in Nevada MORE (D-S.D.) continues to recuperate?

Place your bets on the timing, but the odds against the Democratic majority accomplishing anything politically useful without breaking a few knees and more than a few promises are nothing short of overwhelming. You will get your chance to howl shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the show; don’t become the show.