Who is Rep. David Dreier kidding? I love the guy for his chutzpah.

He and other Republicans just sent a letter to the new Democratic chairs of committees whining about “not being consulted” on the upcoming 100-hour legislative proposals. Never mind much of the legislation has been through committees and discussed ad nauseum.

“We want to work with them and should be given an opportunity,” Dreier’s spokesperson told The Washington Post. Hello? Is anyone home? After 12 years of shutting out the Democrats, holding secret conference committees without Democrats present to craft legislation, refusing to let Democrats even offer amendments, or for that matter even read legislation until just before it hit the House floor, they want to hold hands and sing kumbaya?

That is the ultimate in hypocrisy, pure and simple — the ultimate in “Do as I say, not as I’ve been doing for the past 12 years.”

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, why not call the Republicans’ bluff after this flurry of legislative accomplishment and begin an open dialogue? Why not announce that we won’t be using the Delay/Hastert “my way or the highway” approach to government? Why not signal to committees and staff that this is not just about the first 100 hours, or 100 days, but about the next two years, and beyond, of delivering for people?

Here’s the catch. We will change the way business has been done under your Republican regime with one condition. We expect cooperation, not cheap shots like that letter you just sent. We expect good faith to reach agreement on serious legislative proposals….no more constitutional amendments on flag burning, paralyzing Congress on Terri Schiavo-type cases, pursuing “gotcha” amendments that go nowhere and mean nothing.

Stop the whining and pass the legislation. And, yeah, how about going out for a beer and a burger…pass the ketchup.