I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions. Yes, I did run off to the gym yesterday to start the year off right and am sore as can be. Then, I did chow down on too many chips, guacamole and leftover chocolates as I stayed up until the wee hours watching Boise State do the unbelievable and beat Oklahoma. I tried to work it off on the Stairmaster this morning to no avail. Steady, rational, moderate behavior? No way.

Those resolutions, for many Americans, get forgotten by Valentine’s Day. Some might say the same happens with Congressional Resolutions. A lot of sound and fury signifying………not much.

But let me suggest one New Year’s resolution that both parties might make: get REAL things done and fast. Don’t debate process; don’t whine about bruised egos or slights of privilege; don’t plan for the next press release hit on the opposition party. The public is sick and tired of a lack of progress on the key issues that really matter.

The Democrats are right; Congress should pass, and the president should sign, true ethics reform. Stop the private jet service from corporations to Congress. No more Tom DeLays taking tobacco planes to an arraignment in Texas. You want a corporate jet, go become head of a company. Curb the lobbyists' largess. Now. Second, no more secret earmarks, especially when the taxpayers’ money benefits a member of Congress. Third, pass the minimum wage increase that will put more money in people’s pockets.

But this ain’t the ball game — it ain’t even spring training.

As important as this legislation is to demonstrate that Congress can actually produce, this is just the appetizer for what should be to come. Americans want to know what is being done to truly fix the healthcare disaster. Half of Americans over 50 have little or no pension savings. Our retirement security is anything but secure in this country. Our education system is failing our young people. Only a bit more than one in four adult Americans is a college graduate. That is not acceptable in the international economy. We should double the number of college graduates in a generation. There is no energy policy that will take us from being over 60% dependent on foreign oil.

Guess what? These are tough problems, but if George Bush wants a legacy other than Iraq, and the Democrats want to show they can really produce for the American people, they better resolve to take on the host of elephants in the middle of the Capitol rotunda.

One heck of a New Year’s resolution? You bet, but what an accomplishment if they can actually get SOME of them done.