WATCH: Dem rep. urges House Intel committee to push harder in Russia probe after Flynn plea 

A key Democratic lawmaker on the House Intelligence Committee told The Hill that he hopes former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s guilty plea will prompt his GOP colleagues to rev up the panel’s probe into Russia's election hacking. 

“Hopefully, the gravity of what happened with Russian interference and Bob Mueller‘s investigation starts to set in, particularly here on Capitol Hill, where I don’t think we’re running very complete investigations,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) told The Hill. 

Flynn, on Friday morning, pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents regarding his communication with Russian officials and agreed to cooperate fully with Mueller's investigation into Russia's election hacking and alleged collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign.
Swalwell added that he wants the Intelligence panel “to conduct interviews where the witnesses are subpoenaed and their documents are compelled. Because, right now, too many people come in voluntarily and decide not to turn over anything to us, and we’re not able to confront them.” 
The House Intelligence panel, which is conducting its own Russia investigation, has subpoenaed multiple individuals as well as the FBI and Department of Justice for records in its ongoing probe.

“We now know at least four people on the Trump team are not worthy of that type of trust, and I suspect there are more,” Swalwell said. 
Watch the video above to hear Swalwell in his own words.