WATCH: GOP rep says Trump and media need to ‘call a truce’

 Rep. Steve RussellSteven (Steve) Dane RussellTerry Neese, Stephanie Bice head to Oklahoma GOP runoff Kendra Horn wins Democratic House primary in Oklahoma Bloomberg builds momentum on Capitol Hill with new endorsements MORE (R-Okla.) says it is time for President Trump and the press to “call a truce”

“I think that both sides need to call a truce. It's not healthy to the United States. Both sides need to call a truce,” Russell told The Hill on Wednesday.

Russell said that both the president and members of the media need to “sit down” and quit “playing 'The Three Stooges' and poking each other in the eye all the time.”


His comments come on the heels of an op-ed by Republican Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), in which he railed against Trump for his attacks on news outlets and called on Congress to take action to protect journalists.  

Trump and the media have clashed frequently, both on the campaign trail and during Trump’s presidency.  

Tensions at White House press briefings have frequently boiled over with explosive exchanges between reporters and administration officials. Meanwhile, Trump and his allies have frequently launched attacks against the press on Twitter, often dismissing mainstream media as "fake news."

Watch the video above to hear Russell in his own words.