WATCH: Gutiérrez says ‘lonely’ Trump can cry on KKK’s shoulder over WH departures

Outgoing Democratic Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (Ill.) says there will soon be so many White House staff departures that President TrumpDonald John TrumpObama calls on Senate not to fill Ginsburg's vacancy until after election Planned Parenthood: 'The fate of our rights' depends on Ginsburg replacement Progressive group to spend M in ad campaign on Supreme Court vacancy MORE will have no staffers' shoulders to cry on and will have to turn to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

“Pretty soon at the White House it’s going to be [Trump] all by himself,”  Gutiérrez told The Hill when asked about the resignation of economic adviser Gary Cohn this week. 

“It kind of reminds me of Nixon all by himself ... crying with Kissinger,” Gutiérrez continued. “I want to see the photo of President Trump crying with, I don’t know, whoever’s left.”


The Democrat, who is reportedly mulling a run for president, then suggested that if no one is left in the White House, Trump would have to cry on the shoulder of the KKK instead.

“You know there's always somebody in the KKK that will be ready to show up and let him cry on their shoulder,” Gutiérrez added.

Pressed as to whether that was a fair characterization, Gutiérrez — an outspoken advocate of immigration reform — cried, “Of course it’s fair! Are you kidding … this president has clearly been a racist president of the United States.” 

“When [Trump] says that 'I can't count on that judge because he's Mexican, the judge is Mexican' — that judge is American, born in Indiana, of Mexican descent. When he says 'why do we have had people from shithole countries, Africa and Haiti coming here to United States of America why can't they be from Norway?’ let me see, some people are black other people are white — that's racist,” Gutiérrez continued. 

Click on the video above to hear Gutiérrez unplugged.