Alisha Johnson

Age: 28
Hometown: Sacramento, Calif.; Aviano, Italy; Memphis, Tenn.; St. Louis and a few others
Political party: Democratic
Relationship status: Single

Alisha Johnson has a passport that would put Carmen Sandiego to shame.

Johnson’s travels are largely the product of being a military brat, she says, where she learned the concept of home was “wherever is convenient.”

Born in Sacramento, Calif., the Environmental Protection Agency spokeswoman has also lived in upstate New York; Germany; Italy; Memphis, Tenn.; and St. Louis. She has plans to travel to Lima, Peru, in the winter and is constantly on the lookout for her next destination.

It’s fitting for the 28-year-old, who says she’s best described as “always on the go.”

“I love to travel. That bug was planted early,” she said.

For now, Johnson is firmly rooted in Washington, D.C., where she’s been for roughly three years.

Admittedly, that’s “an eternity” as far as her life goes. But when she left a Missouri public relations agency to join the Obama administration, she was coming to a place that was as much like home as anywhere else.

That’s because her older brother had already set up shop in the District; one of her two sisters followed soon after.

The youngest of four children, Johnson explained her somewhat nomadic childhood promoted strong bonds between the siblings.

“It is always odd when I have friends that have known people since kindergarten. That is always interesting to me because I don’t know what that’s like. But I do have siblings that are really close in age to me, so I guess they’ve always been my best friends,” she said.

The frequent moves also helped Johnson with her job at the EPA, where she is one of the chief communicators.

“I think living all over and always having to be the new kid makes me very comfortable talking to people and kind of breaking the ice. I think the exposure that I had kind of makes me a little fearless in some ways,” she said.

— Zack Colman

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