Sam Sanchez

Age: 29
Hometown: DeLand, Fla.
Political party: Republican
Relationship status: Single

Sam Sanchez could’ve been a star.

A decade ago, long before he came to Washington and became the external affairs coordinator for the office of the Republican National Committee co-chairman , Sanchez had dreams of making it big in the Big Apple as the front man for an alternative band like Incubus or Green Day, two favorites at the time.

The son of Filipino pop star Keno, Sanchez came to America to leave the celebrity life behind.

Sanchez had always grown up singing in bands or with family at home, so at 19, he moved to Manhattan; grew out his hair; punched gauges into his ears; and began to record demos while working at a Starbucks. But rather than turn him into the next Billie Joe Armstrong, the rocker life opened his mind to politics.

“I grew up in a very apolitical family. But I was so annoyed and frustrated that all my friends in New York were talking about something I knew nothing about, that I decided to learn,” he said.

That political education ultimately brought him all the way to Washington.

His job finds him busy, but he spends nearly as much time and energy as the president of the D.C. chapter of the Florida State University alumni club, bringing other Seminoles together for philanthropic events and monthly meetings at Capitol Hill favorite Union Pub.

But the 5-foot-6-inch former high school basketball and football player doesn’t neglect his image — he spends an hour at the gym nearly every day and quit smoking after the 2012 elections because, as he said, “I’m pushing 30.”

His birthday is in August, and he’s planning two parties — and if you’re looking for an invite, it’s likely all you’ll have to do is ask the social butterfly, who says his main hobby is “meeting new people, bringing people together.”

Ladies with passion in particular: Sanchez is newly single and said he’s only been on one date in the three months since he and his ex-girlfriend broke up.

But it’s not for lack of options — Sanchez said when he and his ex took a break last year, he went on five or six dates in two weeks.

“I was going for quantity over quality,” he said of the time.

Now, however, he’s playing for keeps.

“I'm not playing around anymore,” he said. “It's seriously like, go big or go home now.”

— Alexandra Jaffe

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