Kyle Wherrity

Age: 25
Hometown: Philadelphia
Political party: Democratic
Relationship status: Single

Kyle Wherrity lost 100 pounds a few years ago.

The legislative assistant for Rep. Robert Brady (D-Pa.) calls it "by far the biggest accomplishment of my life." His secret: it "was never about a diet but rather a lifestyle change."

And he kept the weight off despite the occasional cookie dough relapse.

The Philadelphia native notes that his journey to Capitol Hill was "a pretty quick progression but a tremendous experience."

Wherrity came to Capitol Hill for an internship in October 2011, was hired as a staff assistant and scheduler in March 2012, and then a legislative assistant in December. The 25-year-old handles healthcare, education, homeland security, immigration, small business, and a few other issues.

In his free time, Wherrity likes to read, run, travel to the Jersey Shore, and return home to Philadelphia.

When he's not running through the zoo or eating healthy, Wherrity enjoys his favorite food: the hoagie. He says he "can't overestimate my love for the hoagie. It's the perfect sandwich!"

And he joked that "a source tells me there will be a Hoagie Caucus springing up in the House soon!"

To stay looking stylish, Wherrity wears bright colors and says "Veronica in the Cannon Salon may be the House's best kept secret." He boasts that she "offers the best cuts on [Capitol] Hill" and is conveniently just two doors from his office.

He has some musical talent as well. He is a former wedding DJ and has worked weddings every weekend for five years.

Wherrity found his love for politics in college. At Temple University, the 25-year-old majored in entrepreneurship and minored in political science. He took a class with former Philadelphia Mayor John Street and "was immediately hooked on not only politics but public service." To Wherrity, politics is "really as simple as neighbors helping neighbors. For that reason I often dismiss the cynics who think individuals can't make a difference."

— Meredith Bentsen

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