Paul Kendrick

Age: 29
Hometown: West Hartford, Conn.
Political party: Democratic
Relationship status: Single

Paul Kendrick is in it for the kids. A special assistant in the Department of Education, before arriving in D.C. he spent three and a half years at the Harlem Children's Zone, the nonprofit made famous in the documentary "Waiting for Superman." While there, he directed the College Success Office.

After that, he spent a year as director of policy with Single Stop USA, a nonprofit that works to assist impoverished Americans in claiming benefits they may not know they are eligible for.

Keeping on the move, he spent most of 2012 as the youth vote director for President Obama's reelection campaign in the swing state of Wisconsin, before at long last settling in at the Department of Education this year.

Kendrick seemed faintly embarrassed to be on this list, saying he suspected that his mother was on the nominating committee.

"I'm not sure I'm particularly healthy!" he objected when asked for his personal health philosophy. He said he stays thin "by working so much that I'm not on a regular meal schedule."

In actuality, his fitness can be traced to regular games of basketball and flag football, where he can imagine that he is Redskins star Robert Griffin III. Despite this, he insists it's better to "listen to music and read a book. You won't get hurt that way."

Keeping in line with his quick succession of roles in the past, Kendrick is far from certain where he will be a few years from now. At the same time, he is in no hurry to leave.

"I just feel really lucky to work with people who are so smart and share such a deep passion for children," he said.

— Blake Neff

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