Mike Bednarczyk

Age: 27
Hometown: Hamden, Conn.
Political Party: Democratic
Relationship status: In a relationship

If all had gone as planned, Mike Bednarczyk would currently be in Austin, Texas relishing in the ultimate perk of being a teacher: summer break.

Instead, the senior legislative assistant for Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) is stuck weathering the infamous D.C. heat. But aside from the muggy weather, Bednarczyk is more than happy to be on Capitol Hill.

A self-described political "late bloomer," Bednarczyk initially decided to pursue a career in teaching after graduating from college. However, he quickly discovered that his passions lie outside of the classroom.

"I found that in between classes, during a lunch break or during recess when the kids were away, I would be reading political blogs. I was thinking to myself, 'I'm not in the right place right now.'"

And so, in 2009, Bednarczyk packed his bags and headed for Capitol Hill, literally.

"I moved from Austin and took a job as an unpaid intern during the height of the recession," he says with a chuckle.

Needless to say, Bednarczyk took a tough financial blow, having become accustomed to a comfortable yearly salary. Fortunately, his leap of faith paid off, and only a couple months later, he was offered a full-time paid position.

Today, Bednarczyk enjoys playing just about any sport under the sun, including baseball, biking, basketball and tennis. But don't be fooled, this sports loving jock has a soft side, too.

"I'm really into music. I come from a very musical family where we all play instruments. I like playing anything with a key board," says Bednarczyk, who also enjoys singing and was once a member of a local gospel choir.

Since moving to D.C. on a whim four years ago, Bednarczyk has grown to love the city and has no plans of picking up and relocating anytime soon. He entertains the thought of potentially moving to another city someday but recognizes that D.C. has many assets other places can't offer.

"The fact that I live two miles away and can walk to work is really a cool thing. I value that about D.C. a lot."

— Katie Tank

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