Kirby Bumpus

Age: 27
Hometown: Greenwich, Conn.
Political party: Democratic
Relationship status: Single

Kirby Bumpus manages a hectic schedule with poise by following a few basic rules: Drink lots of water. Exercise regularly. Always have comfortable shoes with you. And don't fall asleep in your makeup.

The source of this advice? Bumpus says it's from her mother, CBS's Gayle King, and Bumpus's godmother, Oprah Winfrey.

"I've been blessed to have great female role models in my life," Bumpus recently told The Hill.

"It would be hard for me not to absorb some of their perspective, though I'm still my own person."

A casual acquaintance might never know that Bumpus, a warm and unassuming 27-year-old, has ties to media power players.

She arrived in Washington two years ago for a job as a special assistant at the Department of Health and Human Services, where her interest is prevention policy.

Previously, Bumpus earned degrees from Stanford and Columbia universities.

She says D.C. offers a similar environment, bringing bright young people together to pursue their interests.

"This is a great city to be a young person," she said.

"You have a lot of like-minded, enthusiastic peers who are working hard to see changes. It's great to be surrounded by that kind of talent and attitude."

Bumpus has the kind of open personality that immediately puts people at ease. She's actively taken to D.C. life, working out at Sports Club/LA in the city's West End neighborhood and dining all over the District.

With four girlfriends, Bumpus recently went on a quest to sample The Washington Post's "40 dishes every Washingtonian must try."

The half-day outing — a foodie's delight — involved a detailed map and six restaurants.

A self-taught cook, Bumpus also loves to prepare food for friends and family. One favorite meal? A rib-eye steak with roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables and a glass of red wine.

"It's all part of a balance," she shares, noting her frequent workouts.

"They go hand in hand … though my mom also loves a good meal!" she laughs. "I think that's where I got it."

— Elise Viebeck

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