Marie Aberger

Age: 25
Hometown: Cranston, R.I.
Political party: Democratic
Relationship status: Has a boyfriend

While working at the White House, Marie Aberger said she didn't have beauty tips as much as survival techniques.

"I just try to look, no matter what, like I got some sleep last night," Aberger confessed.

But the former White House press wrangler may have more of a chance for shut-eye, after leaving the West Wing last week. She'll be taking over in the communications shop for Airbnb, an Internet startup that allows users to rent apartments and properties across the globe, later this year.

It will be a change of pace for Aberger, who has spent recent years serving as the first line of defense for the president's press operation. In the West Wing, she played traffic cop for the dozens of journalists who cover the White House on a daily basis, letting them know where to go, what to expect or who to contact.

At just 25 years old, she was teased for being the youngest staffer in the White House's cramped press offices. But her youth betrays her quick rise to the West Wing after graduating in 2010 from Duke's Sanford School of Public Policy.

While there, Aberger scored a summer internship in the press office of Vice President Biden, which she parlayed into a full-time job as a communications assistant. She followed press secretary Jay Carney — Biden's former director of communications — to the West Wing.

The job demanded long hours but earned Aberger some unusual notoriety. Earlier this year, New York Magazine, noticing Aberger crouched under a table while the president visited with restaurant patrons, dubbed her "Hiding Under a Table Woman" in a blog post.

Aberger laughed off the incident as part of the job, but said it was hardly the only surreal moment.

"Once the president came by and just started fixing a crooked picture over my desk, and you're just like …" she said, marveling at the odd, but "amazing" world of having the president as your boss.

She also quipped that for her new position, "there won't be quite as much crawling on the floor and under tables in the job description."

Other highlights of her tenure include when the Duke University men's basketball team and coach Mike Krzyzewski visited the White House to celebrate their 2010 NCAA tournament championship. As a student at Duke, Aberger would camp out to score tickets to the team's games.

On her second-to-last day, Aberger was rewarded with a flight aboard Marine One, traveling with the president to and from the Oval Office to a speech in Jacksonville, Fla.

"It has been an amazing adventure," she said.

— Justin Sink

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