Yado Yakub

Age: 35
Hometown: McLean, Va.
Political party: Independent
Relationship status: “Evolving”

Yado Yakub’s Marine Corps background brought him to Capitol Hill and back home.

The McLean, Va., native was stationed in the California desert when he applied for a spot as a Marine Corps fellow through the Congressional Fellowship Program.

He said he returned to Washington “for the job on [Capitol] Hill, for the fellowship, and also to come back to where I’m from ... I’ve got plenty of friends in the area and I’ve always wanted to come back.”

His eye-catching first name, Yado, “is a nickname, but it’s one I’ve been using since I was a kid.” His family comes from Syria, so his name is Arabic.

“My full name is Ali Iyad Yakub, but nobody ever calls me that. Everyone, including my parents, calls me Yado,” he says.

He’s in the early stages of dating someone, and thus described relationship status as “evolving.”

The military legislative assistant to Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) is no longer in basic training, but he’s staying active.

His favorite moves depend on the season: in warm months he rides his motorcycle, while the cold months take him to the slopes for snowboarding. To stay healthy, the 35-year-old goes to the gym several days a week, walks when he can and eats right during the week.

But on the weekends, he lets loose.

“I take a break and eat whatever I want,” he said, including his favorite food, ice cream, and his favorite junk food, candy.

— Meredith Bentsen

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