Joe Loeffler

Age: 29
Hometown: Fairfield, Wash.
Political party: Democratic
Relationship status: Single

Joe Loeffler’s distinctive circle-shaped glasses draw comparisons from observers to two fictional characters: Hogwarts star wizard Harry Potter and Clark Kent, Superman’s civilian alter ego.

Loeffler said he prefers to be likened to the Man of Steel.

“Clark Kent looked better in spandex,” he joked.

Much like Superman, Loeffler is from small-town America.

He grew up in Fairfield, Wash., which has population a little larger than 600, according to the 2010 Census. Surrounded by farms, Loeffler drove a grain truck while in high school.

Unlike Clark Kent, though, Loeffler is not a reporter but a lobbyist.

And he keeps close ties to his home state. Loeffler is active in the Washington State Society, and his lobby work for clients, which include public school districts, often brings him back to the Evergreen State.

But he also loves the nation’s capital and politics. He has a taste for D.C.’s Ethiopian food and is an avid kickball player — “a social gathering of limited physical activity,” as Loeffler describes it.

Loeffler got his start in politics in an unusual way: selling shoes in department store giant Nordstrom. He sold a pair to a Washington state politico, which led to an introduction to and eventual hire by President Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Loeffler, with a big smile and wide blue eyes, has a keen fashion sense, and advises investing in a good suit — and to keep those ties proportional to that suit. 

“You don’t want to wear a narrow tie with a wide lapel,” he said.

The lobbyist also said men too often ignore a key aspect of their appearance: their skin. Sunscreen and moisturizer can help with that, he said.

“My face moisturizer has a sunscreen. It’s a win-win,” Loeffler joked. “Keep your skin looking healthy and don’t get skin cancer.”

— Kevin Bogardus

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