Scott Cunningham

Age: 33
Hometown: Dallas
Political party: Republican
Relationship status: Single

Every year when The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful list comes out, Scott Cunningham collects as many copies as he can. He stuffs them neatly into envelopes and sends them to all his colleagues with a handwritten note that reads: "You are number 51!"

But if you ask Cunningham, who serves as both legislative director and scheduler for Rep. Kenny Marchant (R-Texas), that particular quirk isn't what makes him a legend around Capitol Hill.

What he is most known for, Cunningham says in his lilting Texas drawl, is the number of weddings he attends. He has been to 83 nuptials since college.

"I've been known to rock out a few weddings," Cunningham says. "Let me put it this way … You don't bring your C game or your B game to dance at the wedding reception. You bring your A game."

Cunningham's many wedding invites have taken him across the globe, from Puerto Rico to Belize. But he always makes sure to be in D.C. to mark the first day of the August recess by breaking out an unforgettable pair of red, white and blue trousers that he wore for his 50 Most Beautiful photo shoot.

Cunningham explained that the pants are the official uniform of Norway's Olympic curling team. He ordered them after an encounter with the players at a Winter Olympics because they were "the most outstanding pants I'd ever seen."

"There are certain things you can just set your watch by," Cunningham says of the tradition. "The first full day of August recess is a glorious day for all."

— Lara Seligman

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