Denny Wirtz

Age: 26
Hometown: New Freedom, Pa.
Political party: Republican
Relationship status: In a relationship

While Denny Wirtz may be a globe-trotter with a taste for exotic cultures, this Pennsylvania native found himself grounded in D.C. thanks to its diverse population and culture.

And he has a passion for public service that stemmed from his days as an undergrad at Messiah College, where he studied international business. For two semesters, Wirtz lived in China, where he immediately fell in love with the language and culture. But after his year abroad, Wirtz still couldn't get enough.

"So after graduating, I decided to go back to China for a year to do some language study and micro-finance work in the lesser developed regions of China," Wirtz says.

While abroad, he picked up a habit that he can't manage to shake in the United States: He can eat almost anything and everything. Wirtz' contributes his un-picky pallet to the often-strange food he was required to eat in China.

But this peculiar talent doesn't usually go unnoticed.

"I do love to eat a lot. People often comment on how much I can eat," Wirtz says with a chuckle.

Fortunately for Wirtz' health, he also loves fitness and makes sure to go to the gym before work at least three times a week.

Additionally, he is an avid runner and participated in the Marine Corps Marathon last October.

"I really enjoy the scenery, the landscapes, the buildings, Wirtz says. "It's a good motivating factor to get out and go running."

When Wirtz wants to escape his fast-paced lifestyle as a Capitol Hill staffer, where he works as a legislative assistant to Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.), he can be found in Ocean City, Md., or in Bethany Beach, Del., enjoying a day near the ocean with his friends.

But don't expect Wirtz to be leaving the District permanently anytime soon. He believes Capitol Hill is the perfect place to capitalize on his passion for public service.

"D.C. is filled with dynamic people, it's filled with diversity. People here are very like-minded in that they want to make a difference."

— Katie Tank

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