Dao Nguyen

Age: 24
Hometown: Costa Mesa, Calif.
Political party: Democratic
Relationship status: Single

Dao Nguyen took a leap coming to Capitol Hill with “no job prospects, nowhere to live, nothing."

All she had were a couple of contacts she had made during a previous internship in D.C.

But when she arrived in the nation’s capitol in August 2012 “it all kind of fell into place” and she secured a job by September.

The 24-year-old’s favorite things to do all occur outside. Nguyen is a proud member of the Congressional Softball and Bocce Ball leagues. Her bocce ball team is doing better than her softball team, but she is most proud of its name: “Bocces Be Crazy.”

Off the field, Nguyen’s favorite passion is riding her recently-purchased bike. But she did get in a scrape a week after her big purchase on her way to get a helmet. Luckily she fell right in front of the bike shop (and wasn't badly hurt).

Nguyen’s healthy ways don’t end with outdoor exercise. Her favorite food is fruit, but she does have a favorite Southern California junk food: hot Cheetos with cream cheese.

When she isn’t outdoors, the legislative aide for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) stays driven. She hopes to attend law school and specialize in immigration law or mental health law, which she calls her “two very different passions.” Of her interest in immigration law, the California Democrat says her interest branched from her roots.

“I’m Vietnamese, my parents were refugees from Vietnam, and I was born in France where they resettled.” But since arriving in the United States at age 7, Nguyen hasn’t been able to travel outside the country. She is now saving for a trip to Brazil with her best friends.

But even with her goals, the UC Berkeley graduate remains down to earth, “I love to laugh! I consider myself a really lighthearted person and I enjoy being around people who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves too.”

— Meredith Bentsen

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