Kelly Heinrich

Age: 39
Hometown: Pittsburgh
Political party: Democratic
Relationship status: Married

Kelly Heinrich might appear to be a high-spirited businesswoman balancing two young children and a thriving nonprofit organization, but this western Pennsylvania native has a juicy secret — she recently overcame an addiction to the popular iPhone game Candy Crush Saga.

“People who know me laugh because I am not a videogame type of gal at all,” she said with a chuckle.

Since combating her electronic sweet tooth, Heinrich has switched from the iPhone screen to the TV screen, where she now enjoys relaxing with a few episodes of “Downton Abbey”— when she has any free time, that is.

Spare moments for Heinrich are few and far between, especially since she co-founded the Global Freedom Center, a nonprofit that provides training to help others identify and prevent human trafficking.

Heinrich, who graduated from law school at American University, is a pioneer in human trafficking awareness and was one of the first attorneys in the country to represent human trafficking victims.

While her work with human trafficking has taken her all around the country, she can’t quite seem to shake D.C.’s peculiar “boomerang effect.”

“I keep running away, and I keep getting sucked back,” says Heinrich with a chuckle.

However, now that she has a family to look after, Heinrich has transitioned from running around the country to running after her two energetic children and marathon-training husband. But don’t be fooled — while Heinrich might have mastered figurative running, she doesn’t quite share her husband’s zest for the physical sport.

“I hate running, absolutely hate running. But now I’m doing two miles a day. There’s no need to go any farther because no one’s chasing me,” she joked.

Although her life is in constant motion, whether it’s carpooling to T-ball practice or managing her start-up, this former globetrotter knows one thing for certain: she has no plans to leave the D.C. area any time soon — the place her and her family now call home.

“It’s a great, wonderful community and we’re totally happy here.”

— Katie Tank

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