Chellie Zou

Age: 24
Hometown: Elkhart, Ind.
Political party: Nonpartisan
Relationship status: Single

Chellie Zou doesn't lift weights in the gym — not when she can dance, run, kayak, bike, play ultimate Frisbee, go rock climbing, practice yoga or play softball. And don't forget line dancing.

You won't find Zou on the dance floor alone, though. She has a partner in her adventuring: Her best friend, identical twin and co-beauty, Sara Zou.

"Being out here, we have a lot of fun together," she said.

The two live together in D.C. and work as production assistants at C-SPAN. Their adventures range from trying out funky flavored donuts to camping on an island with wild horses. (And it's all chronicled on their joint twitter handle and video blog.)

They make a good team, they say, because their personalities complement each other. One main difference between the two of them, Zou said, is that, "I don't worry about stuff and she [Sara] worries about a lot of stuff."

Another difference? Age. Chellie is 10 seconds younger than Sara.

The twins say they rarely fight because their mom never let them hit each other when they were young. Now, when the rare argument does arise, they separate themselves and the anger disappears.

While Zou enjoys wearing makeup and doing her hair, she tries to keep it natural. In her own words, "less is better."

Above all, she tries to do things that make her happy in life. "It's simple, but it's hard in practice," she said. She seeks happiness in her many activities, religion and the people around her — especially her twin.

"It's nice to have someone by your side."

— Talia Mindich

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