Zack Condry

Age: 30
Hometown: Knoxville, Tenn.
Political party: Republican
Relationship status: Married

Zack Condry finds inner peace in the kitchen.

"Sitting there, chopping vegetables is just Zen for me," he said.

A Republican strategist at The Prosper Group, Condry loves Washington's restaurant scene and tries to cook dinner every night for his wife and 9-month-old daughter. It makes sense, too, because he has had only had two real jobs in his life: political operative and cook.

The University of Tennessee alum worked his way through college as a line cook at several restaurants in the Knoxville area. Condry had always had a passion for politics, however, and soon started working on campaigns for local, state and federal GOP candidates after graduating in 2005.

That was fortuitous, because the campaign trail is where he met his wife.

The two were first not allowed to date, with Condry working on a campaign in San Diego and her working as an aide to the county Republican Party. Condry also had trouble impressing his future spouse, as he didn't have a car in the area and was sleeping on an air mattress in a campaign supporter's condo.

After Election Day, Condry retrieved his car from Tennessee and took her out to dinner for their first date. The rest is history.

"The vast majority of married men, including myself, are batting out of their league. ... I have duped her for the past eight years," he said with a laugh.

At Prosper, Condry works in digital ads, online fundraising and websites. With gray-blue eyes, light brown hair slicked to the side and sophisticated glasses, the strategist exudes a serious political geekiness.

"It makes me look nerdier, I guess," said Condry, who's not a fan of contacts, about his glasses.

Condry doesn't have any beauty tips, though he does espouse magnetic collar stays to help keep the dress shirt collar down and in place.

"I'm a conservative, so it has saved many a shirt," he said.

— Kevin Bogardus

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