Devron Brown

Devron Brown

As Devron Brown says, he’s “one thing that didn’t stay in Vegas.”  

This bespectacled charmer got his start in politics as an intern for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and takes particular pride in his sartorial sense. 

“There’s two schools of thought for me in fashion,” Brown said. “You’re all about the details or you’re all about the accessories. For me, I’m all about the details.” 

The “details,” explains Brown, who serves as special assistant to the chief of staff for Reid, are the little touches that help push an outfit over the edge. For example, making sure the belt and shoes match, or not mixing metals — no gold watch with silver cufflinks. 

“I really try to give it my all in every outfit,” Brown said. “I’m from Las Vegas, it’s all about presentation.” 

His sense of style doesn’t end with fashion, however. Brown says he spends a lot of time sharing his photography on Instagram. 

“I go filter crazy,” he said. “It’s like Annie Leibovitz, I’m trying to get the colors right. Right now, I’m really into symmetry. I love straight lines.” 

He takes a lot of his photos while exploring the city and discovering new ways to entertain himself. He says he’s currently on a picnic kick, but also enjoys visiting museums and finding rooftops to hang out on. 

“I like to diversify my fun,” he says. “Thinking outside the box, that’s my M.O.” 

His jovial personality is infectious .Brown chuckles as he remembers one of his more embarrassing moments on Capitol Hill: wen a passing senator (whom Brown refused to name) told him to have a good day, without thinking, Brown replied, “You too, player.” The senator smiled and moved on, but the memory has remained with the Sin City native. 

“I just couldn’t believe I said that,” he laughs. 

Because he spends a lot of his free time wandering around the city looking for his next adventure, Brown says he doesn’t keep a strict gym regimen. 

“I don’t exercise,” he says. “I’m on this diet called ‘broke.’ ” 

But he does try to eat healthy, mostly because he says he wants to live as long as possible. 

“If it will help improve the quality or the longevity of my life, I’ll do it,” Brown said. “Whole Foods on P Street, it saved my life.” 

He attributes his love for aesthetics to being raised solely by women. “The aesthetics,” he says, “and ‘The Golden Girls.’ ”

When asked to choose a favorite character from the classic, female-centric ’80s sitcom, Brown groans. “I’ll have to say Dorothy because of the sarcasm … oh, but then there’s Sophia … you know, I can’t choose.”


—Ashley Perks

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