2014 50 Most Beautiful

S.E. Cupp
S.E. Cupp
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Don’t try buttering up S.E. Cupp with a box of Godiva, even the best they have to offer.

“I actually hate chocolate,” declares the conservative commentator, who serves as one of the hosts of CNN’s political debate show, “Crossfire." “I love duck, venison, rabbit.” 


With the passion that wine connoisseurs talk about a fine chardonnay, Cupp describes her culinary preferences, making a kissing motion when she mentions game meats and foie gras. Her taste in food veers toward the wild, but the 35-year-old TV personality’s fashion barometer points toward elegance.

“I consider myself sort of classic. It’s fun to take fashion risks sometimes, but I think in the main I’m generally old-school, traditional,” says Cupp. “I’m not embarrassed to like pearls. I don’t think that’s weird; I think it’s classic and timeless.”

A ballet dancer as a child and teen — Cupp says she “never danced as a hobby” and instead considered it a job — she’s more likely these days to slip on running sneakers than lace up pointe shoes: “I walk three miles a day and do some weight lifting, but generally I just try to get outside. … I walk every day. No matter the weather, I’m outside.”

Breaking a sweat isn’t the only thing the Massachusetts native is doing in the great outdoors. Her version of kicking back with her husband? “I like to hunt; I like to fish; I like to shoot; I like to hike; I try to get out on the water a lot. I hunt year round. We shoot all the time. So that’s really the way I relax and let go and have fun.”

 And as far as her signature accessory goes, she says she’s always ready to switch up those famous specs: “I go through phases where these are the glasses I’m wearing right now and I wear them for a year, eight months. And then I get antsy, and I get another pair of glasses and then those are the glasses I wear.”

Cupp, who's expecting a baby boy in December with her hubby, John Goodwin, the Herald Group's vice president of communications, says she’s unafraid to embark on perhaps an entirely new eyewear look.

“Never say never,” she exclaims with a sly grin. “I don’t know how I’m going to be feeling a year from now. I might be feeling jazzy; I might be feeling scholarly; I might be feeling silly. I don’t know.”

When The Hill suggests that surely she wouldn’t be likely to wear something really flashy such as bedazzled glasses, Cupp replies, “I won’t put that outside the realm of possibilities.”

— Judy Kurtz