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Bret Baier
Bret Baier
Rumson, N.J.
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Bret Baier credits his wife, Amy, with helping to keep both his wardrobe and his workout routine in check.

When asked to describe his fashion sense, the Fox News Channel “Special Report” host replied without missing a beat, “It’s called my wife. She picks out the ties and I just do what I’m told.”


He chuckles before adding of his style, “I guess it’s conservative Washington with a little bit of flair in the tie. I like wearing bright ties usually. And it’s a lot of white shirts. If you saw my closet, it’d essentially be dark suits and white shirts.”

Baier’s closet also undoubtedly has its share of sneakers. The network’s chief political anchor — who works with a trainer a couple of times per week — is gearing up for a big run.

“I’m aspiring to do a half-marathon this year in the fall,” he says, “So I’m training for it.”

But he’s already getting a playful push from his pals. “I know a lot of friends who say, ‘Well, if you’re going to do the half, do the full.’ And I say, ‘I’m really happy with the half.’ ”

The journalist is also happy to spend lots of time with his two young sons. He penned a book that was released earlier this summer, Special Heart: A Journey of Faith, Hope, Courage, and Love, about his 7-year-old son Paul’s congenital heart defects. The active youngster keeps Baier busy with a love of several sports, including basketball, baseball, karate and swimming.

Baier, who lost more than 40 pounds two years ago, is doing his best to keep the weight off.

“I gained some back,” he admits, “but I’m back on the horse. I try to eat salad, fish, an occasional steak, not as much bread.”

Limiting the bread can be tough for this cheese pizza lover. A mention of pizza has Baier quip, “If I even look at it I gain a pound.”

Calling his wife a “total health nut,” Baier exclaims, “She’s gluten-free and I’m an aspiring [gluten]-free person.”

He notes that even some major delivery chains now cook up gluten-free pizza.

So is it worth eating?

“No,” he replies with a grin, “but it fits the gluten-free” label.

— Judy Kurtz