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Dannia Hakki
Dannia Hakki
Washington, D.C.
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By the time she was 25, Dannia Hakki had graduated from college, spent two years in New York working at a celebrity public relations agency and launched her own company.

The D.C. native is a co-founder of MoKi Media, a boutique public relations firm based in Georgetown, but she doubles as a political crusader for her hometown.


 “I think I’m one of the few people that actually went to elementary school, middle school and college in D.C. and now lives and works in D.C.,” she says.

Her division of MoKi Media focuses on hospitality and lifestyle, but the firm is now taking political clients. MoKi Media spearheads public relations campaigns for Paul Strauss, the District’s Democratic shadow senator, and represents FedScoop.com, a news agency focused on federal technology.

Hakki recently became the youngest board member of DC Vote, an organization working to get D.C. residents a vote in Congress.

“We’re going to reach out to celebrities who grew up in D.C. or spent time here — people like Olivia Wilde, who you’d never know grew up in D.C. — take a trip out to L.A. and have them talk in to the camera about why D.C. residents deserve a vote in Congress,” she says.

When she isn’t working, Hakki says maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. An avid runner, she also gets in touch with her creative side when she wants to decompress.

“I’m a potter. I love pottery,” she says. “I was in advanced pottery in college and in high school I won a ceramics award.”

Her best beauty advice: never cut your hair. The media guru says women should limit haircuts to once or twice a year. To keep that silky shine, Hakki swears by Moroccan oil — but only used on the tips of hair, not the roots.

She also really cherishes her morning routine, calling it the “most sacred time” of her day. 

“I wake up, make my coffee and have about 30 to 45 minutes’ time with my paper,” she said.

Hakki says the greatest reward from her job as a PR exec is being able to give back to her hometown.

“I love being a native Washingtonian. I’ve gotten to see [D.C.] blossom as a city and I’m very proud of watching that growth.”

— Quin La Capra