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Jeremy Bernard
Jeremy Bernard
Los Angeles
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White House social secretary Jeremy Bernard's days consist of formalities, guest lists, and the piecing together of hundreds of events at the most famous address around. So when he leaves the gates each night, he craves anything but the soiree scene. 

"The last thing I wanna do is come home and host a dinner party," Bernard said in an interview.


"When you're so social at work, you become a little antisocial outside of work."

And lately, he has a good reason: A couple of months ago, Bernard, the first male and openly gay social secretary, rescued a beagle. Garbo (named after Greta Garbo) has taken up much of Bernard’s spare time.  

"So I go from being at the White House during the day to this extreme opposite," Bernard, 52, said. "It's a joy to come home to this wonderful animal who is so happy to have you there." 

While the dashing Bernard was more social in the past — he has been known to appear on guest lists across town and throw first-class dinner parties in his Logan Circle pad — his days now consist of a gym-to-work-to-home routine, with some walking in between. (Bernard sold his car when he moved to Paris several years back.)

And while he does occasionally slip out to an event from time to time, his trainer at the gym advises that he should be home by 9 to get enough sleep. 

"But I'm not always good about that," he said. 

— Amie Parnes