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Neil Grace
Neil Grace
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Neil Grace is a foodie at heart.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) spokesman says his favorite thing about living in Washington — aside from being at the heart of the agency tasked with regulating the ever-changing tech and telecom industries — is the city’s restaurants.


“I love food. I love the restaurant scene in D.C.,” he said.

Grace’s love of food dovetails nicely with his resume.

He started his career in public relations at the National Restaurant Association after studying at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.

As a self-described military brat, Grace spent his formative years in Berlin, Germany, Seoul, South Korea, and Hawaii before finishing out high school in Florida.

He chose Georgetown’s foreign service program to learn about the profession that kept his family on the move.

One staple as the family moved was the presence of Thai food at the dinner table, thanks to Grace’s mother, who grew up in Thailand.

“Every meal, my mom would make ... mac and cheese, and spaghetti, and green curry,” he said. “It was there every day.”

Now, when he’s not exploring the District’s culinary options, Grace whips up Thai food for himself and stays active by running and playing tennis.

When asked about his spare time, he admits it’s rare, as the FCC has a lot on its plate.

At an agency of attorneys and engineers, Grace is most easily identified by his signature skinny ties. He’s used to the fashion restrictions though. At his Florida high school, students were required to wear ties and blazers “during the cold months,” he said.

Now that he’s at the relatively buttoned-up FCC, Grace follows the agency’s unspoken style rules while adding a little subtle flair.

“I like fun socks,” he said.

 —Kate Tummarello