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Liron Bruck
Liron Bruck
Tel Aviv, Israel
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Liron Bruck loves her hometown of Tel Aviv, Israel, but still finds herself drawn to Washington.

“I’m Israeli, but Uncle Sam is my favorite family member,” she says. 

“I’m one of the only foreigners that every time I see Capitol Hill, I’m still in awe,” she adds, even though she’s lived in D.C. for five years.


Fortunately, for the past couple of years, Bruck has managed to live in D.C. yet get back often enough to enjoy the “New York City vibes on a beach” of Tel Aviv. 

Most recently, it’s been while working for the Israeli Embassy, where she focused on national security issues such as implementation of the Iron Dome missile defense system.

She spoke with The Hill only days after returning from Israel, as violence between the government and Hamas has flared up anew.

“Literally, I have had mine and my family’s life saved [by the Iron Dome] in the past month,” she says. “It actually saved my life.”

After three years with the embassy, she just jumped to an Israel-based tech company, which should bring her back home a little bit more often.

Bruck was a synchronized swimmer as a teenager but gave that up when she started her mandatory stint in the Israeli military. Including some time in reserve, she stayed for a total of six years — four years longer than the mandatory term. 

She served as an officer and had “the best memories of my life,” she says now.

She also used to be a “total tomboy” all through her military service, but then did a 180-degree turn in her 20s. Now it’s nothing but high heels, of which she has about 100 pairs.   

“Even if it’s the polar vortex, you’re going to find me dressed in heels,” Bruck says.

To stay fit these days, it’s mostly hiking, yoga and hitting the gym. 

Good food also helps. Bruck cooks a bit and bakes a little bit more, which has made her popular at the office. But compared to cooking at home, she’d much rather go out.

“More than I love cooking, I love eating,” she says.

— Julian Hattem