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Brooks Keefer
Brooks Keefer
Reynoldsburg, Ohio
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He packs a mean punch, but Brooks Keefer says he uses brains and not brawn to solve any conundrums he faces at the Capitol.

A legislative assistant for Rep. Patrick Tiberi (R-Ohio) by day, this Ohio native is a boxer and wrestling coach when he’s not on Capitol Hill.


“I think that’s a good lesson to be brought over here,” he says about wrestling know-how. “If something doesn’t go your way — the bill you want doesn’t go through, or it’s held up in committee — you need to constantly be finding solutions to problems.”

Keefer began wrestling in eighth grade. His early love of the sport eventually earned him a scholarship to American University. 

Now, with a win-loss record of 2-1, Keefer hopes to get more involved in the local fight scene. And he’s taking what he learned in the ring and putting it to good use in Washington.

“You can’t get disturbed or bogged down in one thing in a match because you need to be thinking about what you need to accomplish next,” he says.

The House staffer stays busy: coaching wrestling at D.C. Boxing and Fitness, a mixed martial arts gym, and driving for the Uber car service on weekends.

Keefer keeps up his athletic physique by training regularly and following a rigorous wrestling diet, which is only slightly threatened by his love for a local pit-cooked barbecue joint whenever he travels down south. But he tries to balance his affinity for barbecue with some calorie-burning sweat sessions.

“I tried the P90X thing for a little while, because you know, you see [Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.)] doing it, and he’s ripped,” he says with a smile, speaking of the popular DVD workout routine. “I was like, ‘Sweet, a Republican workout! I’m in.’ ”

Eventually, Keefer hopes to work in government relations and get a degree to teach government, but until then, he’ll keep honing his skills in the ring.

“It’s all about fun and seeing how far I can get into the sport,” he says. “If I win a few matches, great, but I’m not going to be turning into a UFC champ by tomorrow. It’s been a great hobby.”

—Vivian Hughbanks