2015 50 Most Beautiful

Jon Adams
Jon Adams
Centreville, Ala.
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In a relationship
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While many look to slim down for the summer, Jon Adams made a more drastic change. After 20 months, he finally sheared off his long mane — to the delight of his girlfriend and the surprise of friends.


“It’s like two completely different people,” Adams said about life without his shoulder-length hair, often pulled into a bun.

“Half the people I met in D.C., I had to reintroduce myself to.”

That includes his co-workers at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, where he works as digital director. Before that, he and his two older brothers worked on the presidential campaigns of Mitt Romney and John McCain.

While he spends much of the day glued to the computer, he hits CrossFit five times a week.

“I do it to be healthy, but I also enjoy that hour a day of just relaxing. If I don’t do that, I don’t sleep as well,” he said.

— Ben Kamisar