2015 50 Most Beautiful

Chaffon Davis
Chaffon Davis
Washington, D.C.
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Trotting around Capitol Hill in a seersucker suit with a colorful bow tie might get you a nod from Chaffon Davis, who says she is always eyeing outfits that are “on point.”


The press aide for Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) describes her personal tastes as more “minimalist” — on a typical day she might be found wearing an all-black dress with a flashy necklace.

Davis entered Scott’s office in January, a month after graduating from Marymount University in Arlington, Va., and wrapping up an internship with Rep. Scott Rigell (R-Va.).

Her professional fashion interests have waned some, after flirting with a fashion minor in college, but she does yoga to stay fit for the latest styles. She’s also been a pescatarian for six years, eating fish but not meat.

She likes Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s clothing line, but considers them “impractical” for Capitol Hill, opting for fashion brand Zara instead.

— Jesse Byrnes