2015 50 Most Beautiful

Chris Jansing
Chris Jansing
Fairport Harbor, Ohio
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You can’t tell, but the dress Chris Jansing is wearing is reversible.


The space-saving garb adheres to the jet-setting journo’s only style rule when it comes to what to pack: “What doesn’t wrinkle and what will fit into a carry-on.”

Jansing, a seasoned political reporter, moved to Washington last year from New York City to become the senior White House correspondent for NBC News.

“I’m finally sort of figuring out D.C.,” she said, adding that she enjoys wandering around Eastern Market and Union Market, and checking out the local theater scene.

Jansing stays in shape by walking everywhere, including to work at the White House.

“I walk in every morning and I think, ‘I work here’— that’s amazing,” she said. “To come here and report what’s going on in the world ... it’s beyond. What do you do when your life exceeds your dreams? That’s kind of where I am.”

— Ashley Perks