2015 50 Most Beautiful

Kristin Strobel
Kristin Strobel
Ottawa Hills, Ohio
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Kristin Strobel became involved in politics at an early age, helping her grandmother and the Ohio League of Women Voters.


“I was her volunteer that licked stamps,” she recalled. “The first time that the political bug bit me, I was 5 years old.”

She went on to become the youngest member of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s senior staff and now works as the only female lobbyist in the Entertainment Software Association.

As someone who is always on the go, Strobel says working out and engaging in outdoor activities helps keep her grounded.

Whether it’s squeezing in a hotel-room workout or biking on Virginia’s Mount Vernon Trail, “even if you can do it for a half an hour a day, you feel so much better,” she said. 

“It’s less about how you look,” she added. "It’s about how you feel.”

— Megan R. Wilson