2015 50 Most Beautiful

Barack Obama
Barack Obama
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He’s been called “perhaps the most fit president in the history of the United States,” but the White House gym won’t do much good for the part of his body that President Obama often kvetches about: his hair.


“As I look back, I realize how many of you have pictures of me with no gray hair,” the Democrat quipped to supporters in 2014. “You’re chronicling the slow deterioration of Barack Obama.”

But fortunately for the commander in chief, who snagged the No. 2 spot on The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful list in 2005 as an Illinois senator, his wife appreciates the extra salty salt-and-pepper look.

“My wife, at least, still thinks I’m pretty cute, even with the gray hair,” Obama said last year. “I just want you to know.”

— Judy Kurtz