2015 50 Most Beautiful

Mone' Ross
Mone' Ross
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Mone’ Ross has a vision.


It’s what she uses to personally tailor an oversized blazer or a baggy dress into the form-fitting clothes she wants.

It’s also what drives her and inspires her to help other African-American women build up the same self-confidence she has.

As a child in Detroit, “it was a little difficult for me,” the aide to Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) said. “I would probably say it was more difficult being African-American or being a darker skin tone.”

Then she went through a “self-discovery phase,” both through her own growth and with the help of her parents.

In the fall, she’s starting a master’s degree program that could help her reach her dream of making and donating dresses — especially prom dresses — for black women in need.

“I want to help somebody else who may be experiencing that same self-doubt or are feeling less confident,” she said.

— Julian Hattem