2015 50 Most Beautiful

LeMia Jenkins
LeMia Jenkins
Jackson, Miss.
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A Southern girl through and through, LeMia Jenkins says she can’t get enough of “Fried Chicken Wednesdays” in the Rayburn House Office Building cafeteria.


“I’m addicted to fried chicken,” Jenkins said with a laugh. “I have to have it three times a week.”

Still, Jenkins says she takes her health seriously and works out four times a week to stay in shape.

Jackson State University’s new director of federal relations splits her time between Washington and her home state of Mississippi. But a fear of heights can make flights back and forth difficult.

“I take Dramamine to fly because I just want to go to sleep,” she admitted.

To conquer her fear, and fulfill one of her bucket-list items, she plans to skydive this fall.

In the meantime, Jenkins says that with her new job she's “getting to live the political dream I have always had.”

— Kate Hardiman