2016 50 Most Beautiful

Alexandra Hirst
Alexandra Hirst
Salt Lake City
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Alexandra Hirst hates happy hours.

Instead of sipping her water in a corner watching her coworkers down their beers, the Utah native plans her weeknights around root beer floats and ice cream sundaes. 

“Mormons love dessert parties. It’s so bad how much sugar we consume,” Hirst says.

In her two years on Capitol Hill, Hirst has worked exclusively for fellow Utah Mormon Republicans: first Sen. Mike Lee and now House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz. In college, she also worked on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

At least her bosses understand her struggle in the bar crawl-crazed city. At staff parties, she says, Chaffetz jokes about bringing the “Mormon eggnog.”

“It’s Sprite,” she says.

Hirst may make up for her lack of alcohol calories in ice cream, but she also works out for at least an hour every day and “sometimes twice,” she says.

—Sarah Ferris