2016 50 Most Beautiful

Cameron Greene
Cameron Greene
Middletown, R.I.
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A good chunk of Cameron Greene’s morning routine is spent styling his hair. 

“The hair definitely takes up a lot of my time, unfortunately,” says the staff assistant for Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.). “I’ve chosen to do this to myself. It definitely takes way too long,” he adds of his high-maintenance ’do.

To stay fit, Greene spends his off time playing soccer, a sport he’s enjoyed so much and so long, it has influenced his fashion, too.

“I always watched European soccer a lot when I was little,” Greene says. “So, the hair and the clothes I wear is that kind of style — a lot of street-wear stuff.” 

D.C.’s sartorial standards are a bit buttoned-up for the Rhode Island native.

“I don’t like to dress super preppy. I don’t like wearing a suit and tie. It feels a little stuffy.” 

— Diana McElfresh