2016 50 Most Beautiful

Ferial Govashiri
Ferial Govashiri
Laguna Hills, Calif.
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Ferial Govashiri has one of the most coveted jobs in D.C.: gatekeeper of the Oval Office. 

As President Obama’s personal secretary, she spends much of her time within arm’s length of the commander in chief, as well as foreign leaders, lawmakers and anyone else important enough to get a meeting.

“I very much enjoy being a behind-the-scenes operator, but in this job, you’re front and center working with people from every corner of society,” she says.

Govashiri is an Obama “lifer,” having joined his first campaign in 2007. The former advance staffer and National Security Council aide says the key to looking good under pressure is “to be yourself and be confident.”

She says she hopes she can represent the many people who work out of the public eye.

“There are so many staffers behind the scene you don’t get to see. I wish we could do a shout-out to them.” 

— Jordan Fabian