2016 50 Most Beautiful

Stephanie Rivera
Stephanie Rivera
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
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Though Stephanie Rivera says “good nutrition” is her secret to health and high energy, she has a hard time — like many conservatives in D.C — staying away from Tortilla Coast.

“It’s great to go after a long week and just get together with friends,” says Rivera, pointing out that chips and salsa isn’t the least healthy option. “It does have tomatoes!”

Her new position as an executive assistant with On Message Inc. has taken her far from the Tex-Mex favorite, but Rivera still visits the neighborhood every Sunday for services at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. 

Despite being young, Rivera has already experienced political communications from several angles. She crammed classes and internships into her schedule while still in school, inspired by a mentor to “take as many opportunities as [she] can.”

—Rafael Bernal