2016 50 Most Beautiful

Jermaine House
Jermaine House
Laurel, Miss.
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Like a lot of high-powered Washington professionals, this regional press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is hyper-focused on his career.

Jermaine House keeps a regimented schedule from which he rarely deviates to maximize the things he can accomplish outside of work.

“I do everything the same way on the same day,” he says. “I have to keep things simple to survive.”

House is going on two months as a vegetarian now, a tough task considering he doesn’t do salads. That means pre-cooking his lunches for the week on Sunday.

But it’s not all strict diets and long hours.

To unwind, House listens to male R&B artists like Luke James, Ro James and Gallant. He’s been sucked into TV drama “The Good Wife” and just recently got into “Broad City.”

— Jonathan Easley