2016 50 Most Beautiful

Ronica Cleary
Ronica Cleary
Mount Laurel, N.J.
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Plenty of political journalists — to say nothing of the general public — will be relieved when the 2016 elections are over, but don’t count Ronica Cleary among them. 

The Fox 5 reporter and New Jersey native loves how on the campaign trail “every day just feels like you’re part of creating a dialogue about something,” and she’s a fan of the chase. 

“I really enjoy covering races, and maybe everybody says that. Maybe it’s from being in a beauty pageant, I don’t know. I like competition. I think it’s exciting,” she says.

A former Miss Philadelphia with an Ivy League education, Cleary admits that at least one lifestyle factor suffers in an election year: “I don’t eat as well as I should.”

Still, when the votes are counted, Cleary will already be looking ahead. “I will be the first one” eager to cover 2018, she says.

— Tristan Lejeune