2016 50 Most Beautiful

Jake Maccoby
Jake Maccoby
Washington, D.C.
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Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s chief speechwriter has owned the same three suits for the past three years and keeps them all at work.

“I sort of live in my office,” Maccoby says. 

He typically arrives by bike in jeans and a T-shirt and changes there. He keeps a sleeping bag in the office but hasn’t used it yet despite a number of late nights working on an estimated 1,000 speeches.

“They’re all my children,” Maccoby says.

Maccoby also served as a speechwriter for former Attorney General Eric Holder before Lynch arrived in 2015.

He interned for “The Colbert Report” in 2008 and credits himself with one the comedian’s jokes during the Beijing Olympics, where Colbert quipped that American athletes brought back so much gold, it could be melted down to buy back the U.S. economy from the Chinese. 

“I could not have been more proud,” Maccoby says. “It was a really cool experience.”

— Jesse Byrnes