2017 50 Most Beautiful

Isabel Aldunate
Isabel Aldunate
Bowie, Md.
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Isabel Aldunate wasn’t always interested in politics. Before she arrived in Washington, much of her life was dedicated to tennis.

Her 12-year career as a tennis player, which to her “seemed like a full-time job," landed her a full scholarship to University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and took her to tournaments all over the country.


These days, Aldunate, a press assistant for Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), doesn’t play as much as she used to but still stays active and notes she consistently gets a higher Fitbit score than her co-workers.

She also stays busy with hiking, working out and binge-watching Netflix shows.

Aldunate says she’s happy to have more time on her hands now that she’s finished her master’s degree in political communication. Her schooling gave her a greater appreciation for political strategy, she says.

“I love the chess game that goes into it."

— Harper Neidig