2017 50 Most Beautiful

Zina Bash
Zina Bash
McAllen, Texas
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For most people, diving headfirst into a new job at the White House would be a difficult enough task. But just weeks after settling in at her post on the Domestic Policy Council, Zina Bash faced another life-changing challenge: motherhood.

While she may not have a bounty of free time, Bash says that her favorite thing to do when the workday ends is to sing to her daughter, Mabel, in Spanish.


The bilingual Bash is no stranger to the top echelons of government — she previously clerked for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

And as she takes on two new tests, Bash sees them as linked.

“Though I miss Mabel tremendously during the day, I have felt that — because I'm part of a team working every day to improve the welfare, safety and security of the country she will grow up in — I'm doing this for her,” Bash says.

— Ben Kamisar