2017 50 Most Beautiful

Zoe Cadore
Zoe Cadore
Relationship Status: 
In a relationship
Party Affiliation: 
“Texas Democrat”

Zoe Cadore is used to being in the limelight.

Before coming to D.C., Cadore won the Miss Houston title in 2013, which she says was like winning a golden ticket — she spent the year being wined and dined across the Texas city.

It also helped her prepare to navigate Washington.


“With the lobbying and the law — a lot of it is you have to be able to be articulate, you have to know how to build relationships,” Cadore says, noting that these same elements helped her succeed on the pageant circuit.

Though Cadore has slowed on the pageants, she’s stayed busy in her job as a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Fellow at the American Petroleum Institute.

Outside of work, she teaches dance classes, cycles and runs her blog, Simply Lavish.

“It’s teaching millennials how you can still have fun and still live a somewhat extravagant life,” Cadore explains, “but do it without going broke.”

— Ali Breland