2017 50 Most Beautiful

Lauren Carter
Lauren Carter
Hattiesburg, Miss.
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Lauren Carter lives nearly 1,000 miles away from her hometown, but she never feels too far from her Southern roots.

Carter, the deputy Midwest finance director for the Republican National Committee, is a member of the Mississippi Society, a group that arranges events for Magnolia State transplants living in D.C., and gives her a small dose of home.

The group’s blockbuster event is Mississippi on the Mall, an annual festivity that embraces the state’s culture, with highlights including a catfish fry, blues music, and regional food and beer.


“I just didn’t realize how many people were up here,” Carter says. “It makes a difference when you feel like you’re surrounded by other people who are from where you’re from.”

An avid runner, Carter sprints to and from the Lincoln Memorial about three times a week. But she also can’t resist fried chicken, particularly from Popeye’s.

— Lisa Hagen