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Ali Dukakis
Ali Dukakis
Los Angeles
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When it comes to Washington politics, Ali Dukakis admits she’s just a little obsessed.

The ABC News digital journalist says she’s fascinated with the Watergate scandal, noting that she recently re-read Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward’s “All The President’s Men.”

When ABC did an anniversary special on the scandal, Dukakis had the opportunity to delve a little deeper, visiting the collection at the National Archives.


“I’m pretty sure a healthy chunk of my iPhone’s storage is still dedicated to photos of Frank Wills’s security log book entry about discovering the doors in the hotel with tape blocking the locks,” she says.

When she’s not burrowing into political history or chasing a story, you’ll often find Dukakis beating the humidity — her “least favorite thing about Washington” — by a pool.

Swimming is a way for this “reformed pizzaholic” to stay healthy, though she jokes that her fitness routine is “a work in progress.”

— Ashley Perks